What is PlanetRate.com ?

October 16, 2012
PlanetRate.com | Review, Rate and Share Opinions

PlanetRate.com | Review, Rate and Share Opinions

What is really this PlanetRate.com?

It’s simple:

PlanetRate.com is an online community, dedicated to provide the necessary tools so you can share your opinions and gain useful information on almost anything you can imagine. The site is totally free of charge, fun, and easy to use. PlanetRate.com allows you to rate, review, and share your opinions with other users while accessing their opinions on the quality of any product, place, or specific interest you may have.

Ok, so there are many review sites, why PlanetRate?

With its broad category base, in-depth rating system and user-personalized rating profiles, PlanetRate.com is an excellent online information resource, buying/experience guide and social networking site.

Many rating/review websites are focused on one or several categories like professors, doctors or businesses. PlanetRate goes beyond that. There are many different categories on the site such as fashion, business, education, music, sports, travel and more, and each of them include various items for you to rate or review. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, simply add an item. If you want to know what others think or want to share your own views, take a look at PlanetRate.com for yourself.

For example:

– Where would i want to go in my next vacation? I might have a place in mind, but i want to see the reviews of others


– I have finished reading this book called Apocalypse 2012, and i would like to share my opinion about it.


– I wanna buy a new game for my XBOX360, but which? I will check the Best Games for XBOX360.


– I have visited the Pyramids of Geza, i wanna share my experience with others!

Of course these are only few things people might ask themselves, PlanetRate.com can have the answers to many other questions.

Make an account today, and try it!